6 Steps to Take After You’re Involved in a Car Accident

Car accidents are never fun. Even a minor car accident could lead to confusion and one may end up doing crazy things, which can result in additional problems. Understanding how to react towards a car accident that has taken place keeps you safe. The following steps should be followed after being involved in a road accident.

1. In a case where the accident has resulted in serious bodily injuries, it is important to seek medical attention without wasting time. Otherwise, you might wait and die in the process. But if you can wait then proceed to the next step.

2. Call 911- even though the accident may be minor, causing minor injuries to the parties involved and leaving the vehicles in conditions safe to drive, never leave the accident scene. Call 911, this is what, the government’s website recommends. As you wait for the police to arrive, ensure that individuals involved in the accident are safe. Get off the roadway and warn oncoming traffic through the hazard lights or by setting flares.

3. Exchange information- insurance companies for both vehicles require one another’s contact information so that they reach a decision on who is going to pay the other damages. However, if you don’t have your card with you then you will be requested to present insurance proof at he police station within 24 hours so there is no need to panic. Also, get names, phone numbers, addresses and licence number of drivers and other witnesses especially the ones who rode in the vehicle involved in such an accident.

4. Call your insurance company as well and report the claim. This ensures that they become aware of the incident soon so that they may start working on the claim.

5. Get a Police Report- a police report is very important as it provides fair documentation of the accident. The Geklaw advices that no matter how minor the accident is, failing to file a police report just gives the other party an opportunity to be dishonest

6. Do not Admit Liability- you can stick to the facts, however, offer no opinion even when you believe that you were at fault. Accidents happen very first mostly and while you feel that you were wrong for not looking carefully while reversing, you may not remember that the other driver was driving too fast. Only discuss your car accident with the police or your insurance company and no other parties.


You can always take photos as well as gather witnesses to prove that you are not at fault. Get contacts of eye witnesses and give them to the police.