The Hard Facts About DUI Convictions

A number of people are aware of the immediate consequences of a conviction for driving under the influence of drugs but there is more than what we ordinarily know. Besides things such as possible jail terms, temporary suspension of licenses and fines, there are hard facts associated with DUI convictions, which you must understand before taking to the driver’s seat under the influence of any outlawed drug. Here is the insight:

You might fail a criminal background check

In most states, your DUI conviction might be considered a felony in case you had a previous conviction that resulted from a high level of blood-alcohol content, bodily injury, property damage and child endangerment. According to the OC DUI Expert a felony will stay on your criminal record permanently and most of the states will not allow such to be expunged regardless of how much time elapses. With employers resolving to conduct a background check to determine whether one has a criminal record, there are chances that you will fail the test. Worse still, volunteer organizations and landlords are also running background checks, something that may make your life a little difficult.

It affects personal life

Very few people contemplate this but in reality, a conviction for driving under the influence of drugs may affect your personal relationships severely. Such a conviction turns out to be an emotional rollercoaster, especially when spouses and family members lose trust and take you as an individual that cannot take responsibility for their actions. “Regardless of the circumstance under which you were convicted, the people close to you may assume that you have a serious drug problem and therefore tend to treat you with contempt,” said dui attorney Hart Levin.

Cancellation of insurance policies

A DUI conviction may see your insurance provider listing you as a dangerous driver, which automatically leads to the cancellation of your current policy. In case you want a new policy, you will be required to pay an extra amount because you are already classified as a high-risk driver.

Difficulty in getting education/professional certifications

If you will be applying to join college at some point in life, a DUI conviction may make it difficult. Most of the professions that involve state licensing and certification are likely to disqualify you from potential job applications because of such a conviction. No matter how qualified you are, there is a possibility that you will not be certified to handle a particular job because you have been convicted once or multiple times. Some of the occupations that require state certifications include teaching, driving, being an attorney and being a doctor.

Losing jobs

If you are currently employed, there is a possibility that you will lose your job when employers find out that you have a DUI conviction. When you get arrested, you’ll goto jail for the night. Then you’ll need a company like Acme Bail to get you out. Most employers keep drivers because of a clean record but once it is tarnished through such convictions, they will terminate your employment. Besides driving, most employers have stated in their contracts that any criminal conviction is a good ground for an employee to be fired.

Beyond the normal consequences that you are aware of, therefore, there are serious penalties that accompany a DUI conviction. Whether it was a one-time circumstance or a routine occurrence, you need to understand what is likely to befall your life and career in case you are convicted.